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Why Choose ProcureTech? 

Embark on a journey of streamlined procurement processes with ProcureTech, our advanced Departmental Purchasing Application. Initially crafted for leading hotel groups, we’re thrilled to extend its transformative capabilities to game lodge hotel chains and other hospitality industry clients across South Africa and Africa. 

Streamlined Purchasing: Simplify complex purchasing tasks with our intuitive platform designed for multi-level purchasing and authorization. Say goodbye to manual PO creation and welcome effortless procurement. 

Web-Based Convenience: Enjoy the flexibility of managing your procurement anytime, anywhere with ProcureTech’s user-friendly web-based interface. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, take control of your purchasing with ease. 

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Key Features  

Easy Grid Format

Navigate purchasing effortlessly with our organized grid format, categorized by locations, departments, or warehouses for seamless procurement management. 

Customizable Approval Flows

Tailor approval workflows to match your organizational structure, ensuring efficient requisition approvals from departmental levels to centralized procurement teams. 

Centralized Purchasing

Optimize procurement processes by centralizing purchasing for all departments, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

Stock Management

Gain control over your inventory with comprehensive stock management features, including consumption tracking, inter-branch transfers, and stock take functionalities. 

Non-Stock Expenses

Efficiently manage requisitions and approvals for non-stock related expenses, operations, and capital expenses, ensuring financial transparency and accountability. 

Multi-List Compatibility

Customize your purchasing experience with ProcureTech’s multi-list compatibility, catering to the unique needs of each department within your organization. Whether it’s your bar or rooms department, ProcureTech ensures tailored ordering processes for optimal efficiency. 

Discover the future of procurement management with ProcureTech. Join leading hotel groups and game lodge chains in revolutionizing your procurement processes.

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