PaySpace Payroll Software

PaySpace is a true cloud or correctly known as native cloud, single-instance, multi-tenant architected human capital management (HCM) and payroll solution.

PaySpace is an award-winning ‘true cloud’ HR & Payroll software provider. They offer multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency HR & Payroll solutions to organizations of all sizes and industry, with an unrivalled global footprint which includes 40 African countries.

Reclaim your time and free up your schedule with simplified data capturing. Embedded legislation ensures continuous compliance and accurate payroll, with no action required from you.

Don’t just work from home, work anytime and from anywhere, with multi-device access.

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Why PaySpace?

100% Cloud Based payroll software & services

Expatriate management & international compliance

Advanced HR modules, performance management, recruitment, visual OrgChart

Anywhere, Any-time & Any device access

ISO 27001 Certified & GDPR Compliant

Automatic Legislative & Feature updates

Cloud Analytics Business Intelligence Dashboards

API Integration

Multi-Country, Multi-Currency, Multi-Language

Employee & Manager self-service on any device

Workflows & Guidance, Automatic back-up process, Seamless edition migration

Pay-As-You-Go Payments, no annual license fees, save on infrastructure

Maximise productivity across your entire Payroll & HR team by skipping the formal pay run or close-off. In a traditional pay run cycle, all users are required to log out to allow for manual backups before calculations can be executed. This often results in a repetitive backup and restore process to eliminate input errors and make sure that payroll figures are correct with PaySpace, this is no longer necessary.

PaySpace requires no downtime. Calculations take place automatically and in real-time, which allows for input to be captured as it becomes available throughout the pay run cycle, instead of rushing to capture finalised values in preparation for pay run close-off. All users have anytime access to relevant, up-to-date reports. 100% cloud-based software means your data is always safe, and manual backups are a thing of the past!

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