Letsap is a Sage Integrated Solution

This solution integrates seamlessly with Sage 200 Evolution, Sage 50 Cloud Pastel Partner, and Sage 50 Cloud Pastel Xpress software. Make your business Mobile, take your software to the cloud, and have multiple desktop devices without adding extra users to your software.

Take your business on the road, no need to wait to get back to the office to handle your admin. Give your sales team the power to process on-site. Letsap will help you create a clean, paperless admin system where everything is automatically saved to your Sage Pastel database at the office.

With our Letsap mobile application, you can work from your phone or tablet, from anywhere, at anytime!

Letsap allows you to sign off the whole deal before leaving your client’s office! Here are some of the neat features:

Features in the Mobile Application

  • All the features are easily accessible from one dashboard screen.
  • Allows Multiple Companies.
    • If your business operates from different sets of accounts, depending on the service your customer requires, Letsap can connect you to all of these.
  • Document Capturing
    • It allows you to issue Invoices, Orders, and Quotations on the road.
    • All transactions are processed in real-time, live updates to your Sage software.
    • You can enter notes on the documents.
    • Email and view all these documents from your phone.
    • Authorise a transaction with the client’s signature, which minimises paperwork, and saves time. Print your client’s signature on the document.
  • Client Information
    • You can see complete sales history of clients and even drill down to view transactions.
    • You have access to complete client contact and location information.
    • View client details such as map Location and phone number. You can even call directly from this screen!
    • Filter clients according to sales codes. This prevents the sales consultants selecting customers not serviced by them.
    • View if a client is on hold.
  • Stock Information
    • You can access real-time stock quantities at any of your stores. You can view actual quantities available at other warehouses and branches. It’s useful if you don’t have the stock available at your warehouse.
    • View product images.
    • Scan barcodes – quicker than searching manually.
  • Billing Timer
    • A timer option can automatically add consultation time spent with clients onto invoices.
    • The check in and check out feature allows sales reps to log sales activity.
  • Out on the road view, document history by salesman for a selected period.
  • This application is extremely lightweight using minimal data. The app uses geolocation services, however, these have been optimised to reduce battery consumption.
  • Offline feature available.
  • Runs on IOS and Android devices.

Management Portal Online

  • Reporting
    • GPS login allows sales managers to track locations of sales reps’ activities.
    • Weekly time and attendance per sales rep.
    • Customer missed calls and planning per sales rep.

This solution was originally designed as a mobile application, but why not look at running this for your admin team at the office as well.

If you have users who need limited access and are just capturing, why not look at our Letsap application. Save money and reduce add on user costs by adding the Letsap application to your software.

Features in the Desktop Application

  • Login to multiple companies depending on user access permissions.
  • Full document processing
    • Quotes, invoices, and sales orders
  • View client information
    • Information screens
    • Sales history and transactions
  • Access real-time stock quantities at any of your stores
  • All transactions are processed in real-time, live updates to your Sage software

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