Love your data with IronTree and Thyme Technologies

IronTree provides data management services including cloud backups, disaster recovery and specialised server hosting in a private cloud.

You love your company because you’ve poured your heart and soul into it, but your data needs love too!

Services from IronTree:

Specialised Virtual Private Server hosting

IronTree’s specialised virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a unique service in South Africa, aimed at organisations using accounting or financial services and wanting to move them to a private cloud-hosting service. IronTree has been backing up the accounting and financial systems of thousands of South African organisations since 2008.

Why move to a hosted environment?

  • Eliminates the need for a physical server
  • Enables access from multiple locations
  • Ensures physical security of your servers
  • No major server purchases needed
  • Work from anywhere

IronTree Backup with Protect

When you lose your data, IronTree’s cloud backup technology and real human support will get it back for you. IronTree’s new solution allows you to not only backup your data but protect your workloads with advanced integrated cyber security.

Learn about IronTree’s specialised virtual private server (VPS) hosting, which provides private cloud hosting for accounting and financial systems.

From as little as R249.00 per month sign up now, or sign up for a FREE trial and check it out.

IronTree Microsoft 365 Data Protection

You may think having your data in the cloud with Microsoft 365 means your data is safe and backed up but it’s not. Data loss is likely, whether that is one email deleted by human error, a folder emptied by the malicious actions of a rogue employee (e.g. during a merger or acquisition), or a system-wide ransomware attack that stops your day-to-day operations.

Without a third-party backup solution in place, systems are left unprotected and are begging for trouble. It’s only a matter of time before disaster strikes and critical documents or emails are gone for good.

IronTree M365 data protection allows convenient agentless backup of your business-critical data in the Microsoft cloud. A cloud-to-cloud backup solution that allows for automated backups with granular restores in seconds and quick search backups.

The most reliable and easy-to-use protection built for end users. Now with unlimited IronTree Cloud Storage.

With unlimited cloud storage and from R55 per user sign up now.

Popia Services

POPIA is finally here. All businesses in South Africa must comply.

Data Privacy is one of the most important topics of the decade as we move to a digital economy.

Why should you care?


Large organisations will drive compliance onto smaller organisations.


Organisations will be held legally accountable for compliance with the POPI Act, meaning your company can face financial penalty for non-compliance.


Early compliance adopters will have an edge over their competition.

IronTree’s services will assist you in your compliance journey. They also offer comprehensive training for employees.

Product features:

Collaborate in teams

  • Administrators
  • Compliance users
  • Subject access
  • Task owners

Manage subject access requests

  • Form C
  • Full process from request received to completed or rejected
  • Trackable tasks

Demonstrate compliance

  • HR
  • IT & security
  • Consent management
  • Marketing

Manage compliance tasks

  • Governance
  • Employee comms
  • Data mapping
  • Operator agreements
  • Data sharing
  • Breach management
  • Subject access requests
  • Privacy impact assessments

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