At Thyme Technologies, we’re committed to optimizing your workday and helping you save time and money effortlessly. As a trusted Continia partner, we integrate our expertise seamlessly with Microsoft Business Cloud to offer tailored solutions that enhance your Business Central experience.

Experience the Future of Finance Automation

Document Capture: Errors and disrupted workflows in your Accounts Payable department can be major productivity killers. The smallest missteps during tasks like data entry, posting, or retrieval can lead to significant consequences.

Continia Document Capture is your ultimate solution for Accounts Payable automation. This powerful tool streamlines the entire invoice processing journey from start to finish, allowing you to focus on more important tasks while it takes care of the rest. Key features include data capture, order matching, efficient approval workflows, secure purchase contract archiving, and a reliable secure archive.

Choose Thyme Technologies for the future of finance automation and see how our partnership with Continia can transform your business operations. Evolve today to build a brighter tomorrow!

In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is money. Continia solutions allow you to operate more efficiently without breaking a sweat. Let us introduce you to two of the exceptional solutions we support and recommend for our clients:

Expense Management: Tired of the time-consuming hassle of managing corporate expenses? Continia Expense Management is here to simplify the process. No more struggling with reporting, claiming, or approving expenses. Say goodbye to the days of manual data entry and tedious reconciliation.

With Continia Expense Management, you gain real-time visibility into employee spending. Our user-friendly Expense App and Expense Portal allow your employees to effortlessly upload receipts, providing instant transparency and quicker processing. Key features include credit card transaction handling, mileage logging, per diem support, AI-powered receipt scanning, streamlined approval workflows, and secure purchase contract archiving.

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