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Thyme Technologies is a business solution provider

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Thyme Technologies helps people manage their businesses effectively and efficiently through good use of appropriate business management software. Business management software is only as good as its relevance and usefulness to the organisation. At Thyme, we focus on ensuring that through the use of software everyone in the organisation has the right information and tools to perform their role and meet the demands of modern businesses.

With a focus on business growth and customer-focused solutions, Thyme endeavours to understand the challenges that your business is facing and the outcomes you are seeking – then delivers a solution for you. This is supported by many years of experience of direct involvement in business.

Part of our customer solution focus is that we do not simply sell software; we help companies to create complete solutions which include software, installation, implementation, training and most importantly – people. The end aim is not just a top-class business information solution but a good understanding of how to utilise the system to enhance business success.

With years of experience in business, software and hands-on accounting experience we bring professionalism and realism to the table, with the ability to empower you and your staff to have better information for running your business.

Our History

Thyme Technologies New Zealand launched on 1st July 2017 as one of the largest solution providers in New Zealand offering Accounting and Business Management Software Solutions focused on the Sage product range. Thyme Technologies New Zealand was formed through a joint venture between Thyme Technologies South Africa and Infoplan, a New Zealand based company that had been providing Sage and Pastel Accounting solutions in New Zealand for over 17 years and had built a large and loyal customer base. Thyme Technologies SA is a leading Sage solution provider with over 80 staff and more than 25 years’ experience with a customer base of 5000+ businesses across Southern Africa.

The Thyme Technologies NZ joint venture with Infoplan acquired the Sage customers of A2Z Data and Navigator Business Software, two long-standing Sage solution providers based in Auckland, making Thyme Technologies NZ one of the largest mid-market Sage business partners in New Zealand.

Due to increasing demand for cloud based solutions delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) we have recently expanded our solution offering to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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